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Cabine Valoria

- Spray painting booth // Valoria France -


  • Paint booth for painting applications on light vehicles (L.V.) in automotive bodywork.


(Paint booth range intended for the European market)

  • Mixed, spraying/baking paint booth
  • Balanced over-pressure spraybooth with extractor
  • IP54 daylight lighting with electronic ballast
  • Prefiltration (pouch process)
  • Choice of heating process and energies (direct-fired gas burner or heat exchangeur)
  • Integrated grating support irons
  • Control panel with booth pressure indictor and remote command setting for the motorised air extraction flow control
  • Baking phase provided in recycling mode with motorised air flow control

Main options :

  • Installation on a raised metal base with full access ramp or motorized interior mobile ramp
  • Choice of internal height
  • Machinery : different locations
  • Insulation lining
  • Underbody or corner lighting


  • Lighting consumption reduced by 25% (LED)
  • Energy savings, high output heating process, etc...


NF EN 16985 - Coating plants. Combined booths. Safety requirements
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC depending on the equipment

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